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Investment Management Services

Discretionary investment management of client’s investment accounts.  We generally do not offer “tailored” Investment Management Services.  Ordinarily, we will assign your account to a predetermined model.  The model selected will be consistent with the asset classes as called for in your Investment Management Agreement and derived from your Investment Policy Statement (IPS), to the extent an IPS was drafted through the Financial Planning process.  For instance, your Investment Management Agreement might call for an investment allocation of 60% growth equities (stocks) and 40% fixed income (bonds).  We will then assign your account to a firm-designed 60/40 model.  The individual equities within that model will be very similar, if not identical, to the equities held in any of Culver’s growth equity models.  The fixed income balance will be somewhat “tailored” around the available inventory of bonds available through your account custodian, but maturities and ratings will be fairly consistent across all models.


Selection and Monitoring of Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

We offer Investment Management Services to our clients through the “Manager Selection Programs” of Raymond James Consulting Services (RJCS) and Envestnet Asset Management Inc Separate Account Program.  We provide you with an asset allocation strategy developed through personal discussions in which goals and objectives based on your particular circumstances are established. This asset allocation strategy is typically drafted into the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  Based on your individual circumstances and needs (as exhibited in your IPS) we will then perform investment manager searches of various unaffiliated Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) to identify which RIA's account management style is appropriate for you.  Factors considered in making this determination include account size, risk tolerance, the opinion of each client and the investment philosophy of the selected RIA.  You should refer to the selected RIA 's Firm Brochure or other disclosure documents for a full description of the services offered. We are available to meet with you on a regular basis, or as determined by you, to review the account.  Once we determine the most appropriate RIA(s) for you, we provide the selected RIA(s) with the IPS.  The RIA(s) then creates and manages your account based on your individual needs as exhibited in the IPS.  We monitor the performance of the selected RIA(s). If we determine that a particular selected RIA(s) is not providing sufficient management services to you, or is not managing your account in a manner consistent with your IPS, we may suggest that you contract with a different RIA and/or program sponsor.  Under this scenario, our firm assists you in selecting a new RIA and/or program.  However, any move to a new RIA and/or program is solely at your discretion.


Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a process that focuses on ascertaining your financial goals and then developing a plan to help you achieve those goals.  A written financial plan is created by Culver Investment Company, LLC to assist you in attaining your financial goals.  Since no two clients are alike, a financial plan must be designed for you with recommended strategies tailored to your needs, abilities, and financial goals.  Consulting is a professional service and can involve any discussion between you Culver Investment Company, LLC about your financial position.  The term “Financial Planning” covers a broad range of services.  For clarity and simplification, this term refers to the following services:

  • Risk Tolerance Analysis
  • Asset Allocation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Long Term Care Insurance Planning and Analysis
  • DeferredCompensation Analysis
  • Business Succession Planning


Advisory Services to ERISA Qualified Plans


We provide several levels of advisory services ERISA Qualified Retirement plans.  Advisory Services to ERISA Qualified Plans are comprised of four distinct services.


  • Investment Policy Statement Preparation (hereinafter referred to as ''IPS''):

We will meet with you (in person or over the telephone) to determine an appropriate
investment strategy that reflects the plan’s stated investment objectives for management of the overall plan. Our firm then prepares a written IPS detailing those needs and goals, including an encompassing policy under which these goals are to be achieved. The IPS also lists the criteria for selection of investment vehicles as well as the procedures and timing interval for monitoring investment performance.

  • Selection of Investment Vehicles:

We assist plan sponsors in constructing appropriate asset allocation models. We will then review various mutual funds (both index and managed) to determine which investments are appropriate to implement the client's IPS. The number of investments to be recommended will be determined by the client, based on the IPS.

  • Monitoring of Investment Performance:

We monitor plan investments regularly, based on the procedures and timing intervals
delineated in the Investment Policy Statement. We supervise the plan’s portfolio and will make recommendations to the plan sponsor as market factors and the client's needs dictate.

  • Employee Communications:

For pension plans, profit sharing plans, and 401(k) plans with individual plan participants exercising control over assets in their own account (''self-directed plans''), we may also provide periodic educational support and investment workshops designed for the plan participants. The nature of the topics to be covered will be determined by us and you under the guidelines established in ERISA Section 404(c). Where we are operating in the capacity of an Adviser to the Plan Sponsor, educational support and investment workshops will NOT provide plan participants with individualized, tailored investment advice or individualized, tailored asset allocation recommendations. When we are operating in the capacity of an Adviser to the Plan Sponsor, these services are intended to fall within description of Investment Advisory Services as defined in ERISA §3(21) (A).



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